Sunday, October 7, 2018

Kickstarter - Phantasmagoria #1: A Sword and Planet Zine for DCC RPG

I love RPG Zines. I'm a huge fan of the Sword & Planet genre. Mix them together in a DCC RPG Zine and you have me hooked. Phantasmagoria #1: A Sword and Planet Zine for DCC RPG Kickstarter has me on the hook.
The first issue of Phantasmagoria will contain: 
Five new classes:
The Automaton: an independent robot discarded by its creator
The Captain: an inspiring leader and great duelist
The Gremlin: a tricksy demihuman with technical and magical skills
The Jovian: an exiled native of a gas giant
The Star Prince: the final, humanoid stage of a star's life cycle 
And additional material for playing in a science fantasy setting:
New equipment and weapons
New 0-level occupations
Rules for creating spaceships
Looks like I'll be using more DCC RPG material to inspire my Swords & Wizardry games :)

PDF is 4 bucks, Print plus PDF is 8 bucks plus shipping. I'm in for a Print copy myself.

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