Sunday, September 9, 2018

Weekends No Longer are for Free Time

Before I retired, I could find time to post a half dozen times or more on the weekends.

Now that I am retired, I'm lucky to do half that. Time, it seems, has other ideas than I do. Weekends were the time to relax. Now, it seems its when "I'm working". Cleaning, shopping, family time and more. Weekdays are my downtime now.

Not complaining though. Just observing.

Will play catch up tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm enjoying Jack Ryan on Amazon. But not on weekends...


  1. I'm in the same boat. My weekends are non-stop work. During the week, it's nice and relaxed... and I can do the real work of RPG creativity.

  2. My work varies week to week.
    Currently 6th of 7 straight 12 hour days.

    Is what it is. Game on.

  3. Same for me. I actually welcome Monday mornings, now.

  4. Not retired yet but I remember when I first got married having to ask my wife to please NOT plan two big all day "fun things" for every damn weekend because it meant that I literally had zero free time to actually do things I wanted to do or, even better, NOT do things.
    Similar vein, for a few years I had a 12 hour shift fri-sunday job. It's not as nice as you might think because the REST of the world is only free to do things while you're working.


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