Saturday, September 15, 2018

New Release - Midderzine Issue #1 (Midderlands / S&W / OSR)

This popped up in my Facebook feed last night and I nearly lept out of bed to share it. Of course, that never happened as sleep overtook me ;)

In any case, I'm picking up Midderzine #1 in Print & PDF - because I can't wait on the mail to come to me...
This is a fanzine for The Midderlands campaign setting for old school games. Although The Midderlands was written for Swords & Wizardry Complete, it works with all the old school games and retroclones with little or no conversion. Hell, you can even adopt it for any fantasy roleplaying game. 
Within this issue you can find news articles, information about locations, NPCs, monsters, races, classes, oddities, spells, flora, fauna, and just about anything to do with the Midderlands, the Haven Isles, and further afield.  
  • More fodder for your ‘The Midderlands’ OSR campaign setting.
  • Rumours from The Haven Gazette.
  • Details on the village of Stonecastle.
  • 3 new monsters: The Catvile, Gloomrat, and Devil’s Goat.
  • The Crowmaster class.
  • New Oddities, Flora, and Fauna including: Catvile Spittle, Demonfeathers, and Plague Flies.
  • Jim Magnusson: The Scandinavian Artist Sensation.
  • And more…
Midderzine #1 is $3.92 in PDF

Midderzine #1 is $9.14 in Print - Shipped (converted from 6.75 British Pounds)

Yep, PDF sales use an affiliate link. Put some beer in your bartender's fridge. :)

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