Thursday, September 13, 2018

Troll Lord Games Sale - 1.99 Adventures - 9.99 Core Books - PDF - C&C, 5e and More

Its been a busy day here at The Tavern, mostly doing non-Tavern activities. But fear not! We have a sale from Troll Lord Games that runs through tomorrow night at midnight.
Now through Friday night at midnight we are extending the sale on almost all our Castles & Crusades, Amazing Adventures, Victorious, Haunted Highlands, and 5th edition adventures.  Not only that, we are also extending the $9.99 sale on almost all core books, settings, etc.  You'll have to do a little digging around our publisher page to find all the nuggets, but at least now you have a little more time to do it, :-)
Here's the link to the Troll Lords Sale (yep, that's an affiliate link)

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