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Friday, August 24, 2018

Dice Roundup - I Went Shopping for Dice to Give Away at Shire Con (and bought more than intended)

Tonight I went looking for dice to give away Shire Con next month. I gave away a set for the best death at Gary Con this past March and I'm thinking about giving a set to each player at my Swords & Wizardry Light session. So a shopping I went at Amazon.

Below are some of my possibles that I looked at as well as the one dice I decided on. I left commentary with each. You may find you like something that I wasn't fully satisfied with. Then i found glow in the dark dice. Oh, and a metal set I simply must own. They will match my chainmail dice bag perfectly :)

Note, below are links to The Tavern's Amazon affiliate store. If you purchase from these links, a small portion of the monies you spend will go to support The Tavern. And beer. Mmmmmm.

CiaraQ 35 Pieces Polyhedral Dice, Double-Colors Polyhedral Game Dice with 5 Pack Black Pouches   

9.99 Prime Shipping


The price isn't bad and the dice are mostly readable. Colors are okay. A dice bag for each set of dice.

Smartdealspro 5 x 7-Die Series 5 Colors Marble Dice with Free Pouches                                                      
8.49 Prime Shipping


Great price. Bland looking dice. Ivory dice set is pretty much unreadable. A dice bag for each set of dice and a larger bag to rule them all and in the darkness bind them...

Sopear 49 PCS Double-Colors Polyhedral Dice

11.99 Prime Shipping


Seven sets of dice make this a great price. Sadly, it looks like some sets will be hard to read. A dice bag for each set.

Smartdealspro 7 x 7-Die Series 7 Colors Symphony Dice with Free Pouches

10.50 Prime


Boring ass dice but good price. How much do I love my players? ;) A dice bag per set of dice and bag to hold all the smaller bags.

KUUQA DND Dice Set Polyhedral Game Dice Set with Dice Bags

10.99  Prime


Plain colors with matching dice bags. Easy to read.
Seven sets of dice. I think we have a winner :)

TecUnite Zinc Alloy Shiny Silver with Black Enamel Metal Polyhedral 7-Die Dice

21.59 Prime


Metal, readable and actually good looking. May get for me.

Bescon Gemini Glowing Polyhedral Dice 7pcs Set ICY ROCKS, Luminous RPG Dice Set

16.91  Prime


They glow in the dark. Need I say more?

TecUnite Set of 7 Metal Dice Shiny Gold with Blue Enamel Paint Polyhedral Dice Set with Drawstring Pouch

21.25  Prime


I have found my dice set. These are my colors and this set will be mine. My precious.


  1. we have been giving dice to new plsyers so they have no bad mojo.

  2. Check out Die Hard Dice...great dice sets and some very cool portable dice trays!

  3. The Bescon glow-in-the-dark set has to come from China. Instead, I got 6 sets for a hair over $13 - also from China.

  4. I got burned by glow-in-the-dark dice before... some sci-fi ones that were supposed to absorb some kind of UV light and then glow. The sun wasn't good enough. I didn't bother buying a special lamp for them. They also came from China.

  5. My main set are GameScience glow-in-the-dark, pale green like the Loc-Nar. I only buy GS, usually only from Lou at GenCons, but the prices on his web store aren't ridiculously high.

  6. My main set are GameScience glow-in-the-dark, pale green like the Loc-Nar. I only buy GS, usually only from Lou at GenCons, but the prices on his web store aren't ridiculously high.



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