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Monday, July 30, 2018

Tavern Chat is Far From the Only OSR Podcast on the Anchor Platform

I really like the graphic the OSR Anchorites Community is now using. Gabriel, you did a really good job :)

In no particular order, I'll list the OSR Anchorite Podcasts that I know of (and will add others as they are brought to my attention): - The is The Red Dice Diaries podcast, a rambling journey through the wonderful world of RPGs from the viewpoint of a long-time GM and player. - Ramblings and Musings on Tabletop RPGs by an Old School Gamer. - Welcome to Glynn Seal (MonkeyBlood Design), where amazing things happen. - I go on rants about things in life, usually concerning Mental Health and using Tabletop Role-playing games to deal with my struggles. - Welcome to Playing It Wrong, the They Might Be Gazebos podcast. about D&D, RPG's and the people who play. Remember: Roll dice. Kill Monsters. Take their stuff. And HAVE FUN! - Spikepit where Colin ponders tabletop RPGs and his gaming exploits, with a view to engaging with the community. - The Squirrel Speaks is not so much a formal podcast as much as the ramblings of James M. Spahn, RPG freelance author and designer. He'll talk about whatever comes to mind. - JB Publishing the creator of One-Page Adventures for Swords & Wizardry and other OSR systems. - Welcome to Frank T"s Liner Notes where I, Frank T chat about what I'm up to with Print and Paste Tabletop Terrain, Techniques, Theory, and other things all Tabletop RPG related. Welcome to MattRandom, where I ramble about various aspects of life from my point of view. - Welcome to DM Dad, a podcast about running Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs for kids. A great way to spend time with your family, now that your friends are too old and have all moved away. - An OSR Role-Playing Game Podcast - Hey everyone, this podcast is about OSR RPG's, Music, Craft Beer, and having some fun! Shane discovered the OSR back in 2013, since then he has written furiously on the subject. Included are ramblings, random tables, monster ideas, reviews and interviews with other OSR authors! - Steve Cook talks about OSR gaming stuff, does '2 Minute Reviews' (yeah right!) and gives 'OSR Metal Shoutouts.' \m/ - Welcome to Playing It Wrong, the They Might Be Gazebos podcast. about D&D, RPG's and the people who play. Remember: Roll dice. Kill Monsters. Take their stuff. And HAVE FUN! - A daily chat with your Old School Gaming Bartender - Welcome to my Anchor channel. You'll find nothing serious here. I talk about tabletop RPG gaming with a focus on the older editions and retro clones. Some folks call it the OSR, I just call it gaming. If you like rolling weird dice, talking in weird voices and just being weird, pull up a chair and stay a while.


  1. Thanks for the link!

    FYI - Two of your links are to Chuck Thorin's list of podcasters instead of the link to their podcasts.

    1. Chuck was my cheat sheet after grabbing from the G plus community - fixed and thanks

  2. Ya got Playing It Wrong listed twice.

  3. Thanks for leaving me out Erik. Sheesh. :P

  4. Thank you for the podcast pimping, Erik!



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