Thursday, July 5, 2018

Battletech/Robotech - Harmony Gold And Piranha Games Lawsuit Resolved

In the near corner Piranha Games, publisher of Battletech Online.

In the far corner, Harmony Gold, in yet another lawsuit regarding its Robotech franchise.

“Harmony Gold and Piranha Games are delighted to announce that they have ended their dispute. Piranha Games will continue to use the “classic” BattleTech designs and Harmony Gold and Piranha Games look forward to continuing to serve their respective fans and customers.”
Why can't we all be mechs? Maybe this would simply go away. Or end in a mech on mech fight to the death!

At least all claims are dropped, including against Catalyst Labs.

For some background on the lawsuit, go to ENWorld.

For the source article, go to Sarna.net.

Looking for court documents, you dirty minded gamer?  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hIAGuxzEy3ZE4_mjyj-jiw4TMuwoIn3g/view


  1. They should have resolved their dispute over a game of Battletech... winner take all.

  2. I'm not suggesting Battletch has no tactical depth, but wouldn't that just be like tossing a coin?


  3. I still play classic BT once in a while, and was following this case with interest (and confusion over the legalese). So it sounds like the 'unseen' 'mechs are good to go?


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