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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Kickstarter - Towns & Dungeons RPG Decks

Notice how the title of this project - Towns & Dungeons RPG Decks doesn't match the graphics - Gamer's Tool Kit Towns & Dungeons? That's simply sloppy. That being said, I like this Kickstarter.

The sample maps shown for towns and dungeons look pretty good. The only problem I see is that they will literally be the size of a playing card. Still, someone asked about digital files in the comments section and the creator sounds receptive. Digital files would make this a "must have" in my opinion. As simple decks of cards - and at $32 for the two decks (the only support level aside from the one buck donation) it becomes more of a luxury purchase.

I'm in for a buck to see what transpires...

In any case, a decent first day of funding.

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