Friday, July 6, 2018

Kickstarter - The Mighty Dragon Bag for RPG

The Mighty Dragon Bag for RPG Kickstarter. That is a sample bag from the video. I'm nearly speechless. Dragon-tongue is the model. 49 Euros.

Before you ask, yes, there are better-looking bags available in this Kickstarter.

75 Euros - holds 40 dice

Now, this is 7 Euros:

These bags hold 25 dice each. Too flashy for me but the price is right for a leather bag. Just hope it doesn't have that cheap leather smell that flea-market belts tend to have.

This is also 7 Euro plus shipping. This is more my style.

I wasn't supposed to be tempted by this. Sigh. I might actually back this.

Video has some issues. I could swear I've heard the music before, numerous times. Poor focus with the different shots is jarring. Again, sometimes less is more and maybe they should have ditched the video.

Shots like this should have been avoided.

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