Saturday, June 23, 2018

For Those Wondering, The Tavern, as a Blog and as a Podcast, is Here to Stay

I'm not giving up the written word (the blog) or the spoken word (the podcast) anytime soon. Both serve me well and hopefully serve their readers and listeners well.

If the podcast seems to have moved to the forefront recently, that is due more to spending nearly a week at NTRPG Con and a failing computer both pre and post-con. As I stated last night, I am in catch up mode ;)

Ideally, I'd be averaging three posts a day, one of which shares out the daily podcast episode. We're working on hitting that mark. That should cover both those that desire the written word or the spoken word (and those that enjoy both get a bonus ;)

I try to keep the podcast episodes short - generally 12 to 15 minutes or so (although interviews run longer). Short episodes seem the most flexible for the listener, as it can be squeezed in most anytime or multiple episodes can be listened to at once while on a commute or such.

Daily blogging (haven't missed a day in over 5 years) and daily podcasting (38 straight episodes) is what I do.

So don't worry, Venger. If anything there will simply be more Tavern, not less ;)

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