Sunday, June 17, 2018

Kickstarter -Secrets of the Nethercity (ACKS / OSR)

I've slowly been playing catch up after NTRPG Con. Didn't help that my desktop's hard drive was failing before the con and I had to replace the computer on Friday (and had to reschedule the recording of the return of... yeah, let's get that recorded before I mention it) Then my smartphone died. Yep, it's been that kind of week.

Just trying to explain why, being that I have an unformatted word document of Secrets of the Nethercity, I won't be referring to the document with this post. I will get to it, hopefully over the next few days. When I've read it I'll post a follow-up.

So, let's peek at Secrets of the Nethercity. It includes the following:

  • An epic "kilodungeon" with 240 location entries spread across 20 different dungeon sub-regions that can be explored in a nonlinear fashion over the course of your campaign 
  • 12 new monsters, including the chryselephantine statue, faewyrd, hydropian, and terror of death
  • 30 new magic items, including the bag of faerie seeds, the funerary barge of the cults, horn of the eagles, scepter of sacred power, and shadowcowl robe
  • 4 new character classes, including the elven cultist, hierophant, and warlord
  • A special appendix providing step-by-step worksheets to adapt the Nethercity to your favorite campaign setting
  • A home base (the city of Cyfaraun) for use by your adventurers in between dungeon delves. The city is presented in summary format in the adventure itself, and the city and the sewers below it are presented in more detail in a supplement called Capital of the Borderlands (available at $20 and above pledge level). With every bonus goal, we'll expand the city and sewer levels!
So, why "kilodungeon"?
The Nethercity is bigger than an ordinary dungeon (like Sinister Stone of Sakkara) but not as big as a megadungeon (like Dwimmmermount). Get it? Kilo instead of mega... Let's just read on.
What are the price points?

10 for the PDF of Secrets of the Nethercity. 20 for the Nethercity and Capital of the Borderlands supplement.

30 for the softcover of Secrets of the Nethercity PLUS the Nethercity and the supplement in PDF.

40 gives POD at cost coupons for both books, PDFs of both books AND and early access playtester version of the PDF.

I think I'll be in for 40 bucks. There are other levels with many other goodies, but 40 is my sweet spot.

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