Saturday, June 23, 2018

Kickstarter - SideQuests: Tip-Top Taverns for DND, Pathfinder, and RPGs

A Kickstarter about fantasy taverns? Systemless? Take my money! Heh

SideQuests: Tip-Top Taverns for DND, Pathfinder, and RPGs is simply my kind of RPG sourcebook. Who would of thunk?
SideQuests: Tip-Top Taverns is a supplement filled with twenty different Taverns for your adventure, all featuring unique barkeeps and patrons, waitresses and staff, menus, drunkards, entertainment, barfights, adventure hooks, and more! Each Tavern is fully fleshed-out, offering multiple pre-generated options, so when your party is in need of a bar, you will always be prepared. The twenty diverse taverns will feature trendy locales based on different races, intriguing locations, and — of course — the potential for interesting storylines and adventures. The taverns themselves don't adhere to a specific game system, so you can use them with D&D, Pathfinder, 13th Age, or any other tabletop RPG. You can treat the twenty taverns as their own separate chapters, or even simply roll a d20 to decide which Tavern your players have ended up in… The choice is yours!
28 hours left to get in on this for $4 USC in PDF. After that, the PDF goes up to 6 bucks.

14 days to go. It's already funded. For 4 bucks you really need to jump on this quickly.

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  1. I've backed the Tavern Companion and Remarkable Inns and Their Drinks. How the shit did KickStarter NOT have this on my "recommended for you"?


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