Thursday, June 21, 2018

Deal of the Day - Adventurer Conquerer Kings System (ACKS) PDF 2 Bucks

Until tomorrow, June 22 at 11 AM Eastern you can snag the Adventurer Conqueror King System PDF for the dirt cheap price of 2 bucks (instead of the normal 10).

If you play B/X or Labyrinth Lord, you already know the core system but it has its own flavor:

  • Play 12 different classes, including the fighter, mage, thief, cleric, assassin, bard, bladedancer, explorer, dwarven craftpriest, dwarven vaultguard, elven nightblade, and elven spellsword.
  • Easily customize your character using a unique, optional proficiency system. Make your fighter a berserker or your mage a necromancer!
  • Buy, sell, and trade common merchandise, precious silks and spices, and even monster parts and magic items in a balanced and integrated game economy.
  • Construct strongholds, establish kingdoms, and carve out a realm for your character.
  • Run a thieves' guild and send your minions to carouse, smuggle, steal, and commit other hijinks.
  • Establish a wizard's sanctum and explore the forbidden arts. Crossbreed horrific monsters in an underground laboratory, enact powerful magical rituals, build golems, craft magic items, or even transform yourself and your followers into undead monsters.
  • Build and run a living world for adventure on a grand scale. With game mechanics built to support emergent play, ACKS is the ultimate RPG for sandbox campaigns.
Probably my go-to system after Swords & Wizardry, I had a blast running ACKS and still use it as a resource.

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Check out the ACKS "Kilodungeon" Kickstarter Secrets of the Nethercity, currently funding.

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