Thursday, June 7, 2018

Deal of the Day - Magic Item Card Catalog: Popular Items

Inkwell Designs has the Magic Item Card Catalog: Popular Items as today's RPGNow Deal of the Day. Normally $2.99 in PDF, for another 11 hours it's on sale for $1.49.

Or grab their bundles: Magic Item Card Catalog (5e) PDFs -  Get all 10 PDFs for $20. Want Print plus PDF? 10 printed decks plus PDFs are $90.

Just returned to our hotel room after a 45-minute power outage. NTRPG is going to be REALLY interesting this year. Thank God my phone can double as a hotspot ;)

Yep, those things are affiliate links. They keep the lights on at The Tavern but apparently not at the Westin ;)

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