Monday, May 28, 2018

State of the Tavern Keeper - Back in New York City

Ah, the weekend is coming to a close. We're back from the country and settling in New York City again. When do we go away again? Doh! NTRPG Con in a week and a half ;)

I've been getting your Memorial Day emails (it's at about 2 dozen right now) and I'll start sending SWCL copies out tomorrow. I plan to answer each one personally - no BCCs and done, so this may take a day or two.

I'm very happy with the reception that The Tavern Chat Podcast has received and it's exciting to see others jumping into the Old School Gaming Podcasting Pool. I plan on putting together a static page here where you can grab links to the OSR Anchor.fm podcasts. In the meantime, all of you that use google plus really should check out the OSR Anchorites Community, as its where we are hanging out these days. We even answer technical questions to help you get started with your own cast.

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