Sunday, May 27, 2018

State of The Tavern - Remember, Diseminate, and Create

In my 20 years of service to the citizens of New York City, the loss of two sergeants sticks out to me on a personal level. Walker “Fitzy” Fitzgerald (my training sergeant when I was a rookie) and Paul Tuozzolo (Paul was in my squad as a PO when I was a rookie sergeant). May you both Rest In Peace. You served your city and your country with honor.

There’s a new Google Plus community for Taverners to peruse if they are so inclined. OSR Anchorites https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/112512936376475095820. You guessed it, its where you can find OSR Podcasts, many of which are being hosted by Anchor.fm. It was just formed today, so give it time to fil up.

As I type this, The Tavern Chat Podcast is knocking on 700 downloads (696 to be exact). I am having a blast with the daily podcasts, as there are some topics / ideas / rants / whatever that simply translate better to the written word. And unlike a YouTube vid cast, my state of dress (or lack there of) doesn’t matter for shit ;)

I’ve been exclusively using my new iPad to post this weekends posts and my Pixel phone in combination with my iPad for the podcasts. I’ll post about the experience, pros and cons, tomorrow or Tuesday.


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