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Tavern Tidbits - Minor Magics - Tenkar's Robe of Serving (Any OSR Ruleset)

I'll be revisiting some of the magic items and creatures I first created five years ago. Some made it into Minor Magiks & Miscellaneous Arcana Volume I, a release from a now-defunct third-party publisher. I figure with five additional years under my belt I can improve on some of this ;)

Tenkar's Robe of Serving

Tenkar's Robe of Serving is similar in many ways to a Robe of Useful Items, but it is geared more towards delivering a fine pub experience on the go. The robe is often found with a bartender's apron of non-magical quality.

The following pockets have a limited number of uses - when the item in question is pulled from the robe, one of the uses is gone. All items are permanent unless consumed or destroyed (or spoiled by time) and cannot be returned to the pocket they came from.

Table and Six Stools, Wooden - three uses
Bench, Wooden (seats four) - two uses
Serving Tray, Pewter - three uses
Wine Glasses, Six - two uses
Lute, low quality - four uses

The following have a limited number of uses per day:

Wine Cask, 1 Gallon - once per day
Beer Barrel, 2 Gallons - once per day (must choose dark or pilsner)
Mugs, Wooden (holds 3 cups of liquid) - six times per day
Candle, Wax - twice per day (it is lit when removed from the robe's pocket)
Pan Fried Bread Chips ("Crisps") - twice per day, six servings (each serving equals one standard ration)

An additional feature of the robe is the ability to make change. Putting a gold coin in one pocket allows one to retrieve 10 silver pieces, or 8 silver pieces and 20 coppers, etc. Note, the original coin disappears when the new coinage appears. One can not change coins in the other direct - 10 silvers cannot be turned into a single gold piece. This feature can be accessed five times per day, maximum 10 gold pieces in value per use.


link to art - CC0 - https://pixabay.com/en/robe-hooded-anonymous-cape-coat-154808/

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  1. Legends also speak of Tenkar's Traveling Tavern, a tiny wooden box carved with intricate dwarven runes, save for a single door wood burnt into one side of the fist-sized cube. Once per month, or on any dwarvish holiday, the owner can speak the command word and cast the cube onto the ground. It will grow into a sprawling tavern that is 30 feet wide, 50 feet long, and stand a full two stories. Inside, a combination of enchantments conjure forth a spectral dwarven innkeeper and trio of human servers. A spectral halfling also appears in one corner of the tavern interior and performs tunes both merry and calming.

    Tenkar's Traveling Tavern remains in this form for a full 12 hours, after which it returns to its original form of a wooden cube. Up to a dozen patrons may enter the tavern during this twelve hours where they will feast on the finest food, perfectly crafted ale, and find relaxing beds on the second floor. Such a wonderful celebration heals them of 1d6+1 hit points and provides +2 to all saving throws made to resist fear effects for twenty four hours after leaving the tavern.

    If anyone fails to exit the tavern before its 12 hour enchantment ends, they awaken unharmed on the ground where the tavern once stood, but have a terrible hangover. They suffer a -1 penalty to all to-hit rolls and saving throws for the next twenty four hours and spellcasters must make a saving throw (with a +4 bonus) whenever they attempt to cast a spell to concentrate through their pounding headache. In addition, the dejected individuals find that they no long have Tenkar's Traveling Tavern in their possession. Instead, the enchanted box is transported within one mile of the nearest dwarf.

    Only a single Tenkar's Traveling Tavern exists and it is regarded as a holy artifact to many dwarves. If discovered and returned to dwarven settlements, there will undoubtedly be great rewards. However, should non-dwarves discover Tenkar's Traveling Tavern and attempt to abuse its power they will draw the ire of any bearded folk who discover this transgression.

    Tenkar's Traveling Tavern is priceless and would likely fetch over 100,000 gold pieces if the proper buyer were ever discovered.


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