Friday, April 13, 2018

Kickstarter - The World of Center Campaign Sourcebook fantasy RPG D&D 2e

"The World of Center Sourcebook presents players and DM’s with an extensive range of expanded material designed around the 2nd edition of the first and original Fantasy RPG. The World of Center was created to be a full campaign world where the DM and players are able to run adventures within the realms."

Here's something I don't quite get - the project creator is particular enough NOT to refer to D&D in the opening paragraph -  "designed around the 2nd edition of the first and original Fantasy RPG" and yet has D&D right there in the project title. He knows he should avoid referring to it, yet he wants it for search engine purposes. Sigh.

Alright, so what exactly is The World of Center Sourcebook? The short of it - Someone's 2e houserules and setting. The long of it:
The World of Center Sourcebook is the core reference guide providing the game features necessary to experience this expanded and augmented adventure setting. It is usable in whole or adaptable in part to any 2nd edition campaign and is adaptable to most other Fantasy RPG’s. 
The 280 page book contains expanded classes, races, spells, magic items, monsters, consolidated combat options, deities, religious orders and more. Individually, the subjects covered can easily be taken piecemeal and inserted into any campaign and collectively provide a fully fleshed framework of rulings and expansions to launch a World of Center campaign. 
I played - and ran - more 2e AD&D than I did 1e AD&D, but once the bloat of Complete Handbooks started, I longed to return to 1e. I have little desire to return to 2e at this stage in my gaming career. (come to think of it, I ran all of our D&D campaigns back in HS and College. Except for two or three sessions early on and two conventions, I only got to be a player in non-fantasy RPG campaigns)

Admittedly I find this project intriguing - price points aren't bad ($12 PDF and $25 for trade paperback print plus PDF) for 280 pages of gaming material, but 2e simply doesn't do it for me these days.

Add in this isn't just a "first created" but also "zero backed" and I'll probably pass on this one. Apparently, its all written and laid out (art included) and will ship next month. For the 2e fans, this may be of interest.

Oh, I do find the color art to be trippy ;)


  1. If you ever played 2e, you'd know its virtually identical to 1e and 100% interchangeable.

    1. As I stated, ran it for years. The Complete Handbook series ruined and love I had for it. Unbalanced books published soley for greenbacks.


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