Sunday, April 15, 2018

New Release - Hell Hath No Furry - Fail Squad Games (BECMI / LL)

Fail Squad Games has launched its own online storefront and the latest release is Hell Hath No Furry for BECMI / LL. This 6 page, full-color PDF is priced at 3 bucks BUT if you sign up to be a Fail Squad Games Guild Member (its free to sign up and the information is on the same page as the adventure is) you get it at half off - $1.50. Not too shabby at all.

Lloyd does great work and I've backed every Kickstarter he's run (at levels that have included original art, because as skilled as he is at adventure writing he surpasses even that as an artist.)

Here's the write up from the page:
A BECMI / Labyrinth Lord adventure for 4-6 level 3 characters 
(6 pages – full color) 
Who let the dogs out? Some hellhounds have escaped their domain in the Lands of Lunacy (or a small island on the Elemental Plane of Fire). One of Brimfire’s (a fire giant) hounds discovered a jewel that opens a portal to the Prime Material Plane, and the hounds are wreaking havoc hunting and terrorizing the mortals.
Note - this adventure is a mini-hex crawl with an outdoor hex map (100 yards per hex) - as well as a dungeon crawl. Two great tastes, one candy bar. Er, wait... you know what I mean ;)


  1. Coupon code is not working for me. I’m getting this message: “Coupon usage limit has been reached.”


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