Saturday, March 24, 2018

Strange Machine Games to offer Two Robotech Board Games

Well, now we know where the Robotech license went - Strange Machine Games. In addition to board games, they also publish RPGs. It makes you wonder...

Anyhow, here are the two games:

Robotech® – Attack on the SDF-1:  Play as the venerable SDF-1’s crew in this exciting and action packed full cooperative game.  Launch and pilot Veritech fighters, control Destroids, engage Zentraedi Pods, control the SDF-1, and fire the power reflex cannon!  It is up to you.  Can you protect the SDF-1 and Macross City from destruction?  Can you make it back home to Earth?] 
Players: 1-6 
Time: 120 minutes per Scenario 
Ages: 12+
Robotech® – Ace Pilot:  The Zentraedi are attacking!  Quick, grab the nearest crew member and destroy the enemy.  Using luck and skill you can become the SDF-1’s Ace Pilot.  Ace Pilot is a small area, fast playing, competitive dice-based game.  The game takes minutes to learn and can be played almost anywhere.  Your favorite Robotech® heroes help you destroy the Zentraedi Threat. 
 Players: 2-4 
Time: 25 minutes 
Ages: 8+


  1. I hope it enjoys its three years of Robotech license. I'm surprised that Harmony Gold is bothering with it, but it must want to milk out every last dollar it can. This suggests that, rather than just pulling licenses in anticipation of losing rights to market Macross in America, Harmony Gold really is pissed at Palladium Books.

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    2. Considering how hard they are pushing Robotech in light of the movie (which is already a slow burn), I suspect you're right: they are trying to just wring it for whatever it's worth. They just relaunched a comic series (which is yet another retelling of the Macross series), pushed out an updated art book through Udon Studios (which admittedly is incredible, but rehashes the episode guide YET AGAIN), and severed ties with Palladium in order to try and clean their gaming-biz slate.

      It'd be nice to see actually new content on the story side of things, but I'm pretty sure that ship's sailed since their failed KS for new movies/shows.

      Sad times. I was an RT stalwart despite all that HG did for so long. But...I just can't handle disappoint that runs that long and deep when there are other, better handled properties out there in the world. That said, I'm keeping an open mind about these games; I'll certainly check them out, and if they're good, I'll buy 'em. But I won't do so sight unseen like I used to with RT-related merch and games.

  2. They had this license a year ago. Nothing to do with Palladium



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