Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kickstarter - Operation: Deep Freeze - A Top Secret: NWO Adventure

I've been playtesting the rules that became Top Secret: New World at NTRPG Con for the past few years. I like the rules because they are light yet full, allowing the game to take place without constantly referring to the rules.

Operation: Deep Freeze - A Top Secret: NWO Adventure looks to be a nice fit for the game engine:
A Top Secret Soviet lab located just outside a small town in Latvia. Secrets put in Deep Freeze that should not have been. Secrets that leaked out in the dead of winter. Secrets of things that should never have been.
Perfect for episodic play, and isn't that why spy games are all about?

The sweet point seems to be 18 bucks for the Print plus PDF.

As for the publisher, New Comet Games, they've been good at getting projects delivered on time for various RPG systems: D&D, C&C as well as Paranoia. I look forward to reading and running their latest venture.


  1. As of January, TSR hadn't released the PDFs to KS backers.

    Has anything changed on that front? I mean, it's great that there's an adventure, but without the Top Secret rules, what's the point?

  2. PDFs release to backers on the 26th of this month.

    I forget sometimes because i have and early review copy of the rules in PDF

  3. From 30 minutes ago:

    Shipping update, new modules, and more

    Posted by TSR Games (Creator)

    All the games have been received by our warehouses in the US and the UK, and they’re processing everyone’s orders for shipment now. We’re preparing the PDF to distribute via DriveThruRPG, and everyone will have an email on Monday the 26th with a download code to get the PDF.

    We’ll post again with photos as the games begin heading out of the warehouse.

    Backers have been asking about module updates, here’s some news.

    The first officially licensed third-party module, Operation Deep Freeze, has fully funded. It’s by Ben Burns, and published by New Comet Games. This is a New Comet Games release, not TSR, but we love it and hope you will too. Here’s the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/newcometgames/operation-deep-freeze-a-top-secret-nwo-adventure

    TSR has a number of modules currently in the pipeline. The first two are Forged with Fire by Aaron Rosenberg and The Durand Line by Douglas Niles. Aaron's submitted his already, and Doug's is close at hand. We’ll update more as release dates get firmed up, expect them this summer.

    We’re also beginning a regular series of modules by up and coming authors called the Black Ops missions. Our first two authors are Paul Riegel-Green and Gary Van Binsbergen, and we’re accepting proposals and submissions for authors who would like to write for Top Secret NWO. Email talent@TSRgames.com for submission guidelines.

    Translation is continuing on the Spanish and Italian versions of Top Secret NWO, and we’ll post updates as those progress.

    Finally, we had a chance to check in with our merchandise partners for officially licensed miniatures and apparel while we were at Gary Con last week. AC10 will be releasing t-shirts, and Pacesetter Games has selected a sculptor and is working on miniature designs now.

    I’ll post again with photos from the warehouse in a couple days, and to let everyone know as the boxes go out the door.

    Thank you!

  4. TSR updated the KS. The PDF rules go out on Monday the 26th. Physical copies are in the warehouses and should start shipping soon. This adventure won’t be out until October, there’s plenty of time to get ready.

  5. I won't buy anything for a system I haven't seen yet. Pretty simple.

  6. Assuming no more delays with the release schedule, there will be some overlap between the TS:NWO pdf’s release and when this Kickstarter closes. I’m with ThrowiGames on this one though, I don’t understand how people can back Operation Deep Freeze before knowing about the system, unless they’ve all been able to grab the copies that were inadvertently released by the game stores.

  7. I'm a bit wary of anything with the new TSR brand on it after Gygax magazine. The magazine itself wasn't bad, but the long delays and terrible customer service were. I've never heard of New Comet before, but if they're connected to TSR, here's hoping they don't make the same mistakes.


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