Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Kickstarter - The Folio #16 & #17 Double 1E & 5E Adventure Set (1e & 5e)

You know what one of my favorite part of the various Folio releases is? The covers. Seriously, pretty much each one is something you'd like to see in a print suitable for framing.

The stuff behind the covers is pretty good too. Detached covers (hey, i guess i could frame them), maps on the inside of the covers like classic TSR era adventures (hmm, maybe I won't frame the covers), adventure and setting material (which I happily steal from to use in my own going campaigns), new monsters - seriously, the whole series os good.

The current Kickstarter is for Folio issues 16 and 17. What's inside?
What’s in the adventure? All original content built in the Art of the Genre world of the Nameless Realms. Incorporating tidbits from previous Folios such as Roslof Keep, the Taux Trilogy, and of course The Isle of Jade (setting for Folio #14 & #15) these new adventures will allow players to start at mid-level as they encounter a half sunken ship that leads them to Distant Turtle City.  This Asian inspired port has fallen to the power of the dark sorcerer Molo of the Thirteen Wives, and only the players can free it while continuing on their quest to help save the world from Molo's ultimate plan. 
Here's the 2nd cover:

Come on! You know you want to ;)

PDF only of the two issues is 10 bucks. Print plus PDF of the two issues is 30 bucks.


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  2. If you want to remind me about overdue KSs, the proper was to do so is with the contact link on this page, not the comments of unrelated KSs.

  3. I'm heavily debating if I want to back this, but it's such a tight month with Gamehole, the RA maps KS, and a number of (video) games I'm into coming out. ARGH! Choices...


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