Monday, October 23, 2017

Weekend Wonders - Kite Shield of the Damned Lords (SWCL/ OSR)

The Kite Shield of the Damned Lords is one of three surviving magic items associated with the Lords of The Crestfalls. Two brothers and a sister of the noble house of Avinier were sent on a quest to retrieve a piece of ancient knowledge. None of the three siblings returned, but their ghosts have been spotted roaming the streets of Town of Crestfallen, writhing in eternal pain.

The Kite Shield of the Damned Lords is a well worn shield, pitted and dented but still a solid piece of smithy work. Its enchantment comes into play when what would be a killing blow is struck. At such a time, the shield heals its wielder for 1d6+1 Hit Points. Otherwise it is treated as a + 1 magic shield. This effect may be invoked once per day.

Note: No natural healing from rest will be enjoyed by the wielder after its enchantment is invoked. Ex: Healed for 3 HP, for the next 3 days no natural healing will occur.


artwork copyright William McAusland, used with permission

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