Monday, October 23, 2017

Swords & Wizardry Continual Light - One Week Later - Still Holding #1 Hottest Small Press at RPGNow

I can hardly believe that Swords & Wizardry Continual Light released a week ago today in PDF at RPGNow.

SWCL has held the Number 1 spot in the Hottest Small Press category at RPGNow steadily since last Tuesday (and is currently at 14 in Bestselling Titles) It also secured a "Copper Pick" rating at RPGNow.

Print sales of Swords & Wizardry Continual Light currently happen over on Amazon. There, SWCL sits at the 72nd spot in Books - Science Fiction & Fantasy - Gaming

Swords Wizardry Continual Light - Print

There's a bunch planned going forward for Swords & Wizardry Continual Light, both from third parties and myself. Good times ahead.


  1. Hooray!

    Say, are then any plans for a dedicated G+ community (or whatever) where dinguses (dingi?) such as myself can post fan created content, or do you think the OSR community sites at large will suffice? Now that Continual Light is a available, I can see using the existing S&W networks of nerds, but there's also stuff like optional classes which are specific to Continual Light. 'Cause I'm super heterosexual, but I like elves a lot, and I'm already getting ideas about optional elf classes.

    *all divisive pejoratives in this post, such as dingus/dingi, nerd, heterosexual and elf/elves, are used in the most inclusive sense possible.

    1. on the G+ side, the Swords & Wizardry Community has a dedicated SWL channel - i think that would work fine.

      The Tavern's Discord Server has a dedicated SWL channel also - use this link to join the server - https://discord.gg/fReGmuD

      of course, we can also share it here at The Tavern

      oh, and there is a Slack server I had been using to organize Torchlight submissions, but that got put on hold - I may need to start using that again.


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