Monday, June 26, 2017

Poppa Frog is on Vacation - The Lesser Frog is Running Dirt Cheap PDF Sales - Swords & Wizardry, Pathfinder and 5e!

What's that you say? Bard's Gate is only 15 bucks in PDF - your choice of Swords & Wizardry or 5e? Exactly where is +Bill Webb and who left you in charge?

Its no secret that I swim in the Frog God's pond these days but when there are good deals I do share them. There are no affiliate links for the Frogs (I need to talk with Bill about that ;) so the only thing in this for me is sharing an excellent product for S&W (and Pathfinder and 5e) at an amazing price.

Use Coupon Code: BARD-DAYS-NIGHT

Just so you know, there's a Tenkar's Tavern located within the city itself. Run by a retired watchman. Dwarven. Yep ;)

But WAIT! That's not all! If you are a member of the Swords & Wizardry Legion Facebook Group - and if you are a regular reader of The Tavern you certainly should be - there a "members only" bundle you can grab. (link to bundle - coupon needed for discount price)

What in the Special Swords & Wizardry Legion PDF Bundle? Its a bundle that grows the more folks that buy it.

It starts with Lost City of Barakus, Grimmsgate and Splinters of Faith I: It Starts with a Chicken. Then, the more folks that buy the bundle the more that's in the bundle. And yes, its retroactive - from the first buyer to the last.

What gets added?
For every 10 bundles we sell we add another Splinters of Faith Module. When we burn through those we add even more. 
Updates will be given on the Swords & Wizardry Legion Facebook Group.
Use the coupon code for the Legion Discount! (link to Legion FB Community)

BTW, the coupons DO stack now. Just put the S&W bundle and Bard's Gate in your cart and add the two coupons.

Fun times! Bill needs more vacations ;)

PS: +Zach Glazar  will post updates on the deal on the SW Legion page...all added modules will be available for download before Bill gets back. ;)

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