Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up - Home, Away and Possible Tavern Chat Facebook Live Dry Run later this Week

I'm home now. Rach and I spent Friday afternoon through noon today in the Poconos. My God, we hadn't been there since last November. What a beautiful little weekend vacation it was. Saw deer, wilt turkeys and thankfully no bear this weekend ;)

Certain things planned - like reading some adventures that had been sent to me never happened. There simply wasn't that much spare time. I'm home now, with the better part of a week of rain on its way here to the NYC area, so less gardening and more writing, practicing InDesign, blogging, reading and all that jazz.

Other things that need to be done is matching up artists with the developer of the Frauds, Cons and Angry Mom's app. This will be fun to see come into being. I know #ConManKen is enjoying the attention ;)

I'm thinking of doing a dry run / guaranteed to be fucked up test of The Tavern's Facebook Live Call-In Show, possibly Thursday night (time TBD). Maybe. Still figuring the logistics. I mean, theoretically it SHOULD work, but it may not work well enough. Or it may. Thus the testing.

It was brought to my notice that ENWorld's posting of Ernie Gygax's reminiscing was a uncredited rip from Ernie's Facebook feed. I had read Ernie's story on FB earlier last week but I thought it was a reposting of the ENWorld article when I found it over on ENW. Guess I was wrong. Posted by Morrus at that. Go figure. At least I credit #ConManKen when I post his FB posts - heck, I usually share them as screenshots.

Alright, tonight will probably be an early night - the drive home added about an hour of traffic and I'm exhausted.

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