Wednesday, May 24, 2017

AD&D 1e Core Books Mega Bundle on Sale at RPGNow - 8 PDF Books - 15 Bucks

My favorite AD&D 1e book cover and one of my favorite RPG book covers ever.

A HUGE tip of the hat to one of The Tavern's regulars for bringing this to my attention. RPGNow has a Bundle of eight AD&D 1e Core books in PDF on sale for - $14.95

Its an amazing deal with only one omission - Unearthed Arcana. (edit - one omission of NOTE IMHO ;)

Here's what you get:

Player's Handbook

Dungeon Master's Guide

Monster Manual

Monster Manual II

Fiend Folio

Oriental Adventures

Dungeoneer's Survival Guide

Wilderness Survival Guide

Normally 75 bucks, the AD&D 1e PDF Bundle is $14.95

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edit - Yes, the Survival Guides are "eh" but a great bundle value anyhow...


  1. Does anyone know if these are the older Paizo scans that were crap quality or new scans you can actually read?

    1. With regard to the PHB & DMG, they are the cleaned up versions. They had been pulled from the store for about a week or so last month because of the ...lesser quality, according to my OSR contacts.

    2. I had to look for the link I had in mind:

      The Print on Demand was fixed, meaning the PDF (source of the POD) was, as I understand it.

  2. It's also missing Deities & Demigods/Legends & Lore, but let's face it, that's much less useful. And, if you care about setting-specific stuff, Dragonlance Adventures and Greyhawk Adventures.

  3. They've got Known Worlds Gazetteer bundle and Planescape bundles as well... likely more!

  4. The Mystara Known World Gazetteer Bundle is here...

    1. On one hand, I got a digital copy of the Cyclopedia for less than 2 bucks. On the other, I paid full price for all the rest, already.


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