Monday, May 22, 2017

Kickstarter - Endless RPG: A Random Dungeon Generator for Pen & Paper

What can I say about my initial impressions of Endless RPG?

- When the creator says he needs to purchase art assets, he isn't kidding.

- Endless RPG isn't an RPG but a random dungeon generator for 5E and Pathfinder

- It will be iOS only

- Amazing instructions on "Solo Play":
- Even better instructions on "Group Play":
Certainly not meant for me nor my play style nor what I would consider an RPG. Well, it isn't an RPG.

Goal is moderate ($300) and current backing is $250 with 42 days to fund.

There obviously is a market for this, no matter how small. I think with better sample art it would have funded and then some by now.

Interesting that the app will probably be a buck when it releases, but backing for a buck is simply a tip. Backing for 10 bucks gets you a free copy, so you are paying a premium, obviously not a discount.

One thing I'll never understand - limiting backer numbers for an app or other virtual product.

Maximum backing is $550 plus tips. Or wait, is that to keep it under the Tax Man's $600s and you must report the income threshold...


  1. I backed it. It's $10, low threshold of failure as the developer has a game already in place that uses this and if I can hit a button and get a fully fleshed dungeon out on my ipad why the hell not?

    I spend more money on coffee than this, not a huge loss if it doesn't pan out in 6 months. If it works I have an instagame at my digital fingertips with a single app.

    If donjon were to create this I would back them in a heartbeat as I love that site.

  2. Aside from art assets which aren't a big deal, donjon DOES already do this. And it will be interesting to see once this comes out if they even get close to donjon in quality.

  3. Thanks Jay! I hope it is worth a coffee too ;)

    Matt, I like donjon too. The app will have a player side where players can explore the dungeon and see encounters (traps, etc.) as they reach them as well as a DM side that reveals the whole dungeon at once.

    1. We are now fully funded so your ass is on the line! I do hope there will be an export to PDF utility or something similar that DonJon has to offer.

  4. The listing says it's iOS and Android. They also added a $5 tier without any backer limits, so it seems like they're listening to you. ;)

  5. Dan - Welcome aboard! ;)

    Davis - No one listens to me. Its all an illusion. Rach told me so...


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