Saturday, April 29, 2017

When Cats Attack - The Tenkar Official Mini Arrived and is Met by the Official Tenkar Cat

Not too long ago, +Darcy Perry asked if he could include a "Tenkar" miniature in his upcoming Kickstarter. BTW, it shipped EARLY! I was honored to say yes. We'll, my set of minis arrived this week and they are awesome. Even better, Tenkar arrived painted! Man, what an amazing and detailed paint job. The above pic does not do it justice.

Of course, Ashley had to let her opinion be known. That isn't her biting Tenkar below - she's rubbing against him. She knows her daddy, even in mini form :)

Darcy's Facebook page with more mini goodness.


  1. Hey Tenkar, lookout behind you! Aaaaarrgh!
    Seriously though, thanks for letting me sculpt your character. Can I also say you were a pleasure to work with. I just realised how brave it was to involve you in a Kickstarter, given how you often post about Kickstarter failures. However, this one was a critical success, thanks to you and a growing number of Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom! My blog is www.starhat.blogspot.com

  2. 35 Hit Die Trample Kitty ahoy! Batten down the hatches! Make now your saving throws!

  3. Awesome mini. Great paint job to whoever painted it. By the way, where can I find that great grid paper with the nice wide margins?


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