Monday, April 24, 2017

The was a Fleecing - er, Acting Workshop this Past Saturday - Given by Ack-Tour #ConManKen

Yeah, I had a busy weekend so this is old news. There was also a video where Ken tried to talk the money out of your wallet, but I can't access that anymore or I'd share it here.

Amazing how a throw away part in The Walking Dead is being parlayed into #ConManKen, "Ack-Tour!" ;)

Now, maybe its true that #ConManKen and Marcus are on the outs, because if Ken were still hanging around the shop you think he'd be all over what I have to show below. Or maybe he's producing, who knows?

I do love the "please start today" aspect of it. We aren't looking for skills, just someone that breathes ;)


  1. I keep checking these updates, hoping every day to read the details of his arrest.

    Not today....maybe tomorrow.

  2. Facebook advertised a "Troll & Toad LIVE SALE!" at me this morning. So that's what Marcus needs (needed?) people for.

  3. Yeah, he is doing live sales daily. No sign of Ken in any of them. I wonder if they've parted company.


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