Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tavern Weekend Update - Of Lists, Wands, Light, Whit and a Contract - Oh My!

Its been a busy weekend. Yesterday was Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day, and with the help of the community I am assembling the Swords & Wizardry Light releases and posts for a posting later on this week. So, that is both a List & Light :)

The Wand of Wonder will be wrapping up in the next day or two and we'll be awarding prizes. Fun times.

I've got some new and (in my eyes) amusing #ConManKen updates to share. Because if you can't shake down the gaming community you will find other communities to bilk.

I've been looking over a contract for a project that was presented to me. I am quite likely going to give my thumbs up to said contract, sign on the dotted line and have something to announce at a later time to The Tavern's Community. I find the whole thing very exciting. Yeah, I know, Vaguebooking or whatever they call it. What can I say? No details until its all said and done.

Did I mention we have a guest poster this week? Yep. I'm excited. You'll know him when you see the post and I'm excited that he's stopping by. What? More Vaguebooking? heh.

Like I said, it was a busy weekend and I was out and about for 10 hours of my day today. I'll hit the

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