Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Tavern By The Numbers - Downloads, Members and More

Art by +Craig Brasco , Cover Artist for Issue #1 of Torchlight Magazine

Just so the paying folks know, monies spent on PWYW products released by Triumvirate Tavern Publishing go towards paying the cover artist of the  Torchlight magazine for Swords & Wizardry. So, if you like the art of +Craig Brasco , tip your barman.

Now, for the numbers relating to Pocket Creatures Volume 1 and 2. 135 downloads of Volume 1, and 76 downloads of Volume 2. I'm impressed and I thank you for the support. So far, $23.59 raised for the cover art of Torchlight but we haven't even started.

1297 members of the Tenkar's Tavern Facebook Community. Sometimes members get information minutes before it goes out on the blogside. Other times it is hours. In any case, it is an active community and certainly a place for all old school gamers to be.

Currently I'm working on a PWYW compilation / conversion / quasi-professional release of Beneath the Battered Dwarf Tavern to be released as PWYW. If we happen to hit 1300 hundred members by tomorrow, I will attempt to submit it my the end of the week to OBS. Mind you, I am learning InDesign and I can't predict my progress. I am, after all, a mere retired Civil Servant ;)

Thanks to all! You make this a sandbox worth playing in :)

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