Saturday, April 8, 2017

Multifarious Marvelous Memorabilia - Janig's Tankard of Beneficial Beverages

Art by Patrick E. Pullen
Janig's Tankard of Beneficial Beverages

"Oi! You call this swill ale? I call it horse piss, just warmer! Ah, were it that I still had me tankard, the one I found beneath the ruined cloister a few years back. Magical, it were, and could fill itself thrice a day with some of the coldest brews or tastiest wines. Curse these dice and the gods that invested them! There was no way I could lose that roll and I did. Ah well, tis better to have drunk well than to never been drunk at all, least that's what I say!" - Janig, Journeyman Treasure Finder and Failed Gambler

Janig's Tankard of Beneficial Beverages looks like a normal pewter drinking tankard, but the inside and upper lip are plated with brass. Three times per day it can produce beer, ale or wine, properly chilled and of excellent quality. The first drink of each day restores 1d6 HP of damage, the second fills one's belly with the nourishment of a full day's meal and the third provides the drinker with their water requirements for the day. After the third drink of the day it won't produce beverages again until the next sunrise. It has been rumored that there are similar but more powerful tankards waiting to be discovered, that dispense beverages with the effects of various potions.

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