Tuesday, April 4, 2017

We HAVE a Gygax Memorial! No Silly, Not THAT One!

A few quick comments, because otherwise the quote from the Gygax Memorial Fund speaks for itself:

1 - As someone else just said to me, thank God Alex designed the plaque and not his mother.

2 - Didn't see Gail but I heard she was there. Met Alex. His heart's in the right place. If there is going to be a Hail Mary with this fiasco, Alex will be the one throwing it.

3 - "This is NOT the memorial you are looking for. Please move along."


  1. Not the memorial we are looking for but I'll call it a damned fine start. There has been motion on the side of the memorial and I credit much of it to Alex. He's not a "creep through the dungeon" kind of guy. :)

  2. Well...something positive, at least. I hope this isn't a "shake-and-fake" and we really do hear something about a permanent memorial soon.

  3. Probably the only memorial we are likely to see, I don't regret getting the reprints since I wanted the books anyway, but its still a bit depressing.

  4. We do have a Gary Gygax memorial - it's called Dungeons and Dragons.


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