Monday, October 31, 2016

State of the Tavern Keeper - Allergies are Officially Hell

I know I've been off kilter since last week. Post nasal drip, heavy eyes, constantly tired, occasional and severe stomach cramps accompanied by "irritable bowels" (I HATE that fucking commercial)

Yesterday, I finally took an allergy med and that helped with the heavy eyes but not much more.

Today, after arriving home from the Poconos my stomach cramps kicked in along with the usual accompaniment. I had it. My doc has regular evening hours from 6-8 on weekdays and I took myself to the doc.


Severe allergies, resulting in both my post nasal drip and my stomach problems from said post nasal dip. Oh, also the beginnings of an ear infection, which could have added to my feeling of dopiness.

Antibiotics for the ear infection, meds for allergy and sinus congestion. Did I mention that the antibiotics may lead to more "stomach issues?"

Fun times.

In any case, if you wondered why the light posting over the weekend (and no posting until now for today) now you know.

There MIGHT just be one more giveaway, as it seems like I got a double shipment on one of the Mythoards this month...


  1. As a sufferer of chronic irritable bowel I can attest to the power of strong mint to settle the stomach. Mint oil tablets can be purchased at a chemist without prescription, or you can try mint tea. Even 'Extra Strong' chewable mints will help if they use real mint oil, although the sugar content is a separate issue there.

  2. Thank you both. Yeah, feeling shitty is kinda "shitty" :)

    Mint oil tablets. Will certainly check that out.

  3. Poor bastard! Dose up and get better!

  4. My dentist gave me some wicked-powerful antibiotics once upon a time, and strongly suggested I get some Activa yogurt to eat for the next week. It really did help, so I'll pass that along to you.

    Good luck!

  5. I suffer from the green apple quickstep from constant drainage of my chronic allergies too. Mint and ginger help a lot of the upset stomach from all that crap. Hope you feel better, man.


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