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Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm Considering Monthly Tavern Financial Updates

As The Tavern's regular readers know, your humble bartender is pretty open about his personal life and the behind the scenes happenings at The Tavern. It's just too much work to be someone other than myself ;)

This past Saturday I posted The Tavern's financials for June and July. It was just the monies coming in, not the expenses going out, because I really don't track the monies spent beyond "paid for more art" or whatever else. Besides, if I counted the monies going out, the balance sheet would probably have been negative.

Still, it was interesting to see what The Tavern makes on a daily or monthly basis.

So, I'm throwing this out to the readers - Is there an interest in a monthly recap of the monies raised by The Tavern? I've hounded the Gygax Memorial Fund to open their books. The least I can do it lead by example.


  1. Won't this take up time better spent on other things? Maybe quarterly, but monthly seems a lot of extra work for you.

    1. took about 20 minutes to put together the 2 months and that was with distractions. It's not difficult.

      I'm just glad it broke any illusions that blogging is making The Tavern "Big Bucks" ;)

  2. I could see it being made for those who have a vested interest (i.e., your Patreon backers), but see no need for you to do so to quell the angst of those who do not see the difference between a blog offering bonus content/benefits to donors versus a Kickstarter request for backer money. It is obvious your blog is for your enjoyment of a hobby and for your fellow hobbyists.

  3. Truth be told, unless you are doing some sort of income sharing to members, I don't see why you would need to.

  4. I come here multiple times a day. I couldn't care less if you made money off of it. In fact, I wish you made a little more cash off the blog, just to help ensure its longevity. Your site is basically the first place I go when I'm online, so I'm biased, but what kind of a jerk would be upset if a blog that you built, maintain, and regulatory update also made you money?

  5. Honestly I don't care about the site's financials. At all. If the day comes you start asking for funds for a statue, then that may change.

    I'd rather see that time spent on creating another post or two.

  6. I think none of your regular readers will care, unless you stat your financials for Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, and OSRIC.

  7. If you feel it's necessary, do it. I'll skip those posts personally because I could care less about how many millions you make off blogging each year, but I won't begrudge you for posting it.

  8. Erik, it just seems like you're riding Gail a bit too hard. We were all mad when she sued her stepsons over the use of their own name. That was not cool. But do you really think the funds for the Gygax memorial have been misused?

    1. At the end of April, Gail announced the Fund would have an audit and it would be posted on the GMF site. She made it seem like the audit was around the corner. It's nearly 4 months later. I'd like to see what comes of it, nothing more.



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