Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Kickstarter - 13 & 15 sided dice ( D13 & D15 ) w/ DCC & other sets

If I have a Kryptonite, it's dice. Well, good art is certainly a weakness, but I can'y get enough nice. My 5 y/o niece can't get enough either, as she constantly raids my dice jar ;)

The D13 & D15 Kickstarter looks to be more Kryptonite.

There is just something about "weird" dice. Not "weird" as in "that's not a die!" but weird as in "how many sides?"

Look at the above. From 4-sided to 16-sided without skipping a die size.

I'm not sure if I want Blue or Green. Rach probably wants Purple.

Crap. I'm going to need a larger dice jar.

26 projects under the best of Impact Miniatures. That's a pretty safe track record.


  1. I have several sets of Impact DCC dice. I definitely recommend them.

  2. Thanks Eric ... really appreciate the kind words!

  3. Oh and Reid ... thank you also for the kind words as well!

    @Kuseru ... someday maybe a D25 ... need to get these two finished (D13 & D15) and then the next set will be D17, D19, D26 & D28. The goal is to get all 4 made with the next project as I have an investor who if the D13 & D15 goes well will be assisting me to get those finished.

  4. Is there a Kickstarter link that I missed somewhere?

  5. I hadn't seriously considered the D5, D7, D9, D11, etc. until I started picking up DCC stuff, but I always wonder how "fair" they actually are, since the sides are different sizes and the faces aren't all at the same angle.

    Regardless, I need a set of DCC dice, so hi-ho hi-ho it's off to kickstarter I go.

    1. We test roll all the dice to insure the results are within chi-square testing of fair. It cannot be perfect perfect with odd sides (but then normal RPG dice are rarely perfect perfect either). We work with the designs to make sure they are fair for use in your RPGs.

  6. Gah! Right in the Achilles heel!!

    *clicks on Kickstarter site*

  7. d13 - in order to make your Unluck rolls?


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