Saturday, July 16, 2016

Kickstarter - Dungeonesque Red & White Box Sets (5e RPG)

I'm working off my new Surface Pro 4 (thanks Rach for the early bday present) and with piss poor internet, so bear with me.

There was a previous crowdfunding project for Dungeonesque, which is basically 5e returned to it's Old School roots. Well, the Dungeonesque Red & White Box Sets (5e RPG) Kickstarter takes it to a new level. Or is that old level.

In any case, I even talked about limiting class and race options in the last Path of Legends podcast, and here we have a reworking of 5e rules that do just that. You don't need these rules to experience old school play with 5e, but if you've never experienced old school play these may very well be a good option if you are coming from 5e.

Oh, and boxes. Real boxes. Never an easy thing to produce and it's being offered in 2 flavors, White Box and Red Box.

I'd back this but I need to see how far my pension stretches before backing new Kickstarters. Besides, I backed the Red Box Book earlier ;)


  1. Not sure if you realize, but there's an "Indiegogo Upgrader" pledge where indigo backers can get $50 rewards for a $40 pledge. The pension doesn't have to stretch as far as it might!

  2. A cheap way to make good real boxes would make me want to publish my game in hard copy too. I don't think there's a way to do it well for a good price. Do you know of any such thing, Erik?


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