Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another WTF Kickstarter - Games of Thrones RPG With Online play (License? We don' need no steenken license!)

First, it's GAME of Thrones - not plural.

Second, you are looking to raise nearly $325K - just who the fuck are you?

Third, you don't have the license, so how can you even raise money?

Fourth, as you apparently have difficulty using proper English or punctuation in your pitch (and can't even get the title of your Kickstarter correct), why would anybody give you anything?

You don't really exist, do you?


  1. Pitches like this make me more hopeful that when Dragon Heresy goes for crowdfunding, I'm classified in the "sane" column.

  2. It's like if they say 'we believe' enough times, they can make ANY of this true....

  3. No no no... they want to make Games of Thrones, not Game of Thrones - no licensing required! You know, House Starks and Lannisters and any other pluralized take on a possible similar name...

  4. Do they even know what the book series is actually called?

  5. I give it a week (no less than a week) before it is pulled.

  6. Once the license holders see how much money we made, they'll say "OK".

    Seems like a solid business plan to me.

  7. Come on, guys: They have a Lawyer in the group that can totally help.

  8. Hopefully Green Ronin has already seen this.


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