Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Monstrous Mondays - Bonus - Gelamorphous Cube - White Star / White Box

Art by Denis McCarthy - © Denis McCarthy, 2016
Aye, we've all heard of the Gelatinous Cube. Some may have seen one. It's the ones that ain't seen that's the problem. But have ya heard of the Gelamorphous Cube? I didna think so. They look exact as their cousins until they consume their prey. Then the fun starts. They take the basic shape of their last meal, some of it's abilities, memories and worst of all - intelligence. When they be morphed they are the most cunning of dangers in the dungeon.

Gelamorphous Cube
Armor Class: 6 [13]
Hit Dice: 5 (plus 1/2 last meal's maximum HP)
Attacks: Envelope (2d6) 
Special: Takes on characteristics of it's last prey eaten for 
2d6 days, including basic shape, movement speed, powers 
and / or spells of 3rd level or less, special class abilities, 
cunnning and intelligence. paralysis, lighting and cold immunity
Move: 3/X
HDE/XP: 6/400

When in the shape of their last prey Gelamorphous Cubes are very dangerous. Hit Points are boosted, movement speed is greater and they have many of the abilities (and some memories) that belonged to their last meal while retaining their ability to paralyze new prey. When morphed they have the cunning of an animal hunter. Needing neither air nor water to survive, they have been found in deep dungeons and abandoned starships.

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