Saturday, March 5, 2016

Kickstarter- Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught (Drinking Quest IV)

My Gods, how did I miss this? Jason Anarchy is kickstarting Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught, which is actually Drinking Quest Volume IV. I'm so in!

Seriously, if we get to organize an informal PubCon spring / summer of 2016, Drinking Quest WILL be played.

Cards, dice, RPG elements and booze. What could be better?

Well, more content for DQ is always better. Instead of 4 quests like each of the original games consisted of, Drinking Quest IV has 6. 50% More drinking!

as for the Risk & Challenges:
Risks and challenges 
I do this for a living so my reputation is on the line if I don't keep backers happy. 
I'm very experienced with the printing and fulfillment process. 
The game is done but I'm just doing final text editing and formatting so the files will be ready for print with no delay after the campaign ends. 
It is my mission to keep backers happy and get them their games!
To think I actually played a session with Jason Anarchy himself of DQ Volume 1...

edit - did I mention it's funded and blowing away stretch goals with 24 days to go?


  1. HOLY HELL. How did I miss this? I backed the shit out of the first DQs, and I will NOT miss this one!

    1. Oh, and we gotta get a DQ game going at NTRPG one night!

    2. done! it will be off the grid but we'll work it out in The Tavern community


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