Wednesday, March 2, 2016

State of The Tavern - March 2016 - The Party Starts in 2 Weeks

If all goes as planned, St Patrick's Day (March 17th) will be my last working day before pre-seperation leave kicks in and official retirement rolls around this summer. So, what does that mean for The Tavern and it's loyal readers?

First things first, I've got a shitload of content that needs to be put in PDF and Print format for my Patreon Backers. It's long overdue, but no longer working overnights is going to be wonderful. Hoping to have PDFs start distribution by 3/24 and Print copies moving by 3/31.

StarSlinger posts have been quiet these past few week and I'll squarely blame it on work and illness. I've been drained. Goal is to have something ready for distribution by mid to late April. More content and more posts coming before that.

PubCon NYC 2016 should have more potential locations scouted by mid April. Small, informal with lots of beer is the goal. Mmmmmm.

Speaking about beer, I'd like to have Tenkar's Taproom, the blog about beer, microbrews and (hopefully) homebrewing back with a fresh post BEFORE St Patrick's Day. We shall see. (still need a custom blog banner)

As for Saturday Night Special, that should kick off again once I am officially retired in July. There are reasons for such a delay, not the least of which is that the posts takes days (sometimes weeks) to properly compose.

Oh, and of course, more posts here at The Tavern. More gaming content. More game reviews. Simple more... ;)


  1. Congratulations! And I can't tell you how pleased I am to hear that Saturday Night Special is returning, you know I was always a fan of your true life tales over there.

  2. Your blog has been part of my regular reading since I found it, so I'm happy to hear the State of the Tavern is looking good. I, too, am looking forward to more Saturday Knight Special posts.
    While I don't drink beer, I may just have to craft a pot of Guinness Beef Stew to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.


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