Friday, March 4, 2016

GM's Day OSR Picks at RPGNow - 30% Off Titles - Part 1 (because I'm sure I missed many)

Yep, the GM's Day Sale is in full swing at RPGNow. There is a whole swath of RPGs on sale at 30% off, but what if you are looking for an OSR focus?

White Star has a bunch of selections. You have the White Star Core Book, The Graveyard at LusHave Death Ray, Will Travel, Between Star & Void and others.

Other White Box powered RPGs on sale include White Lies (spy thriller) and Skyscrapers & Sorcery (modern day magic).

Want OSR Supers? Guardians has you covered.

Enjoy +Dyson Logos ' maps? Pick up the 2015 Dodecahedron Cartographic Review

Somehow haven't yet grabbed Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea? Now is the time.

How about Adventures! for less than a buck?

Looking for a system neutral city setting? Check out Drakonheim: City of Bones

Sale prices are in effect until March 17.


  1. You have to also consider Warriors of the Red Planet, it's really well done and great fun to use.

    1. obviously there needs to be at least a 2nd post ;)

  2. Good job and thanks for the plug for Have Death Ray Will Travel. :)

  3. Joseph Browning (Expeditious Retreat) appears to have pretty much all his stuff up at 80% off, and he's got lots of old school products.



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