Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What Does One Do When They Can Not Game? They...

buy more games ;)

That's what I've been doing recently. I've been stalking eBay for the old collectibles. Snagging an OCE White Box for $75 has just whetted the appetite ;)

My Tunnels & Trolls collection doesn't have too many holes. T&T 1e is impossible to find (so I'll settle for the reprint). I have Ken St. Andre's personal copy of 2e. I'm still looking for a 3e copy and from 4e on I have multiples and various variants.

So I think Judge's Guild will be my next target :)

Actually, I could target early RuneQuest releases, but I expect the time to do so is when the 2e reprints start hitting the market with the recently successful RQ2 Kickstarter.

I guess I could actually read the stuff I already own, but if I had the time for that I'd be gaming ;)

So, what do you do when you can't game for an extended period of time?


  1. So, what do you do when you can't game for an extended period of time?

    Start a blog of my own that didn't explicitly start OSR, but is getting weirder by the day. Now if I could just hit the damn "post" button more and spend less time tuning and rewriting and redrawing upcoming posts....

    Also, shaking my fist at the cold. My new favorite hobby.

  2. Write (largely for my own interests), create dungeons, read (mostly fantasy and horror), talk with distant friends about gaming, work on my perpetually unfinished mega-game, binge on old sci-fi series, re-read my old KODT comics to name a few things ;-)

  3. I also buy more games. When I was young, I had no money but lots of time so I had a small selection of RPGs and played them all the time. Now I am old, I have lots of money but no time so I'm constantly getting new stuff but never play any of it. Maybe when I'm really old, I'll have both time and money to buy and play but I fear, by then, no one will be playing these games anymore.

    1. That's an interesting idea. GM up, grab your books, and take your game to the local old folks' home!

  4. Colour-in unpainted miniatures from a collection going back 32 years.

    I've only recently started into this and the novelty hasn't worn off yet.

  5. I wanted to start gaming again, but my old group had all moved on. So I started playing Ingress, a location based phone app. I've met lots of cool people and found a regular gaming group! Now I game every Sunday.


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