Saturday, January 2, 2016

Winding Down OSR Christmas - or - How this Most Generous Community Overwhelmed Me - Again!

I know there are gifts that were offered up that never got posted. Simply put, the amount of generosity from members of the OSR community and beyond simply overwhelmed me. It's not the first time you folks have done so, but the new work schedule and other issues away from work have cut into my free time - severely.

So, I'm winding down OSR Christmas 2015. If you have gifts that you still want to give out, post it up (or send me the post - someone offered to do so - I'll need to look in the AM) and I'll amplify the signal. I still have some gifts to award that should be able to be shipped out this weekend - I'll award those tomorrow.

Oh, and I still have the Remix Mini to give away. That post should also be coming tomorrow. An Android PC with the following specs:

Sure, you'll need a monitor, keyboard and mouse, but for that secondary (or tertiary) computer station, this little piece should fit the bill. Mine will be set up in the living room in late spring when we build in the little corner bar ;)

This was $30 on Kickstarter and the 2GB version goes for $70 on Amazon. Pretty solid 4.3 Star rating on Amazon.

Alright, time for bed.

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