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Sunday, December 27, 2015

OSR Christmas - Day Ten - Post Two - Inspire and be Inspired

+Chris Stieha is running an OSR Christmas Giveaway today for RND, a resource for those that are looking to make their own adventures:
Win one of three copies (print+pdf) of RND issue 1, the make-your-own-adventure zine!  I will ship them anywhere in the world.  If you already own issue 1, I will send you issue 2 in February.
How do you enter? You need to go to THIS LINK ON G+ and describe your favorite inspiration for adventure. So, not only do you get a chance for some fine Christmas Loot, you also get a treasure trove of potential gaming inspiration. 

As for my nap? Didn't last long with my niece around but she's too damn cute to be annoyed at. Tonight will be a long night...

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