Thursday, November 12, 2015

Two RPG Dice Kickstarters - One Great to Touch, One Hard on the Eyes - 3d Printers involved in Both

Two Kickstarters, One Post. It's a first ;)

Let's kick things off with the good stuff.

Braille RPG Dice.

Brilliant idea. Not sure if anyone thought of it earlier, but they should have. I'm backing this not because I need braille RPG dice, but because the world needs braille RPG dice.

Now, for the ugly.

The Dragon's Hoard - 3d printed RPG Dice, Campaigns & More!

They remind me vaguely of the "soap dice" I got with my Gamma World Boxed set. I think I see a dragon on the green die. No way this shit is even close to balanced, but as it's virtually unreadable, I suspect they wont be rolled much.

Don't watch the video. If you do, don't draw the conclusions I did. I watched Drugs Inc last night...


  1. Someone already did think of braille polyhedral dice, and did a Kickstarter:


    And it funded, and all the pledges have been fulfilled. And now she's selling the dice cheaper than the new Kickstarter is offering them to backers:


    So... not really sure why the world needs another Kickstarter for exactly the same thing.

  2. The Dragon's Hoard updated their video....wonder what it was like before.

    Back in the day we called them Gumby Dice, and they were notable for the way they'd all either turn into perfect spheres over time or would spontaneously crack.

  3. The problem is contrast. They need a black or white interior to offset the mold.


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