Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dragon White Setting - Initial Bullet Points

Art by Stom Cook
I really like +James Mishler 's idea of multiple spheres aligned with different colored dragons, but I need a way to keep the initial number of spheres in play limited, thus the closed gates.

Anyhow, here's the initial bullet points if you will. No idea if it will survive the week, or at least, which parts will survive the week ;)

Dragon White

  • decayed and broken empire - ruled by dragons over multiple worlds - dragonkin are their face to other races
- dragonkin - humanoids with dragon blood - magically created race
- White Box Elf Variant as base model
- can drain spells from memory to power dragonships planar gates.
     -     inner stellar travel uses ships with sails that catch the solar winds
  • inter stellar travel uses planar gates - gates are paired - all gates pair with the Dragon White System - gates directly linking other systems have not been found - ex no direct link between Dragon Green and Dragon Red - think Babylon 5 for travel via gates
- dragonships have their own planar gates that can pair with any stable gate - need power and skilled navigator - rare - single digits in number
- planar gates have just recently reopened after a millennium of closure - no one is sure  
 why they have opened, or those that know aren’t talking
     - the systems / spheres are:
Dragon White - central - numerous races - a handful of inhabited moons -                
                       fragmented governments that can trace their lineage to the empire of old
Dragon Green - elf dominated - isolationist - slowly dying
Dragon Red - orcish empire - expansionist - it’s moon is a dwarven fortress
ever in resistance
     - each system / sphere is one (inhabited) planet with one or more inhabited moons
     - there are other systems / spheres - the gates have yet to be activated
     - pirates / privateers / tax officials know where the active gates are - small towns have
           sprunt up around these gates - built like endless piers with buildings / taverns /

merchants and the like - mostly lawless


  1. Elves are green...orcs are red...white is the empire of old? Looks like you could add an undead black sphere and an academic blue sphere and have a nice setup parallel to the colors of Magic: The Gathering. Which, for the multi-geek that I am, would be awesome...

    1. I do have a idea for the Black Sphere (no gates)

      Never thought of the MtG angle myself, but it is interesting.


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