Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Free OSR Adventure - Vault of the Faceless Giants (New Big Dragon Games)

Vault of the Faceless Giants is +Richard LeBlanc 's (New Big Dragon Games) free release for use with their Basic Psionics Handbook, which is itself a supplement to Labyrinth Lord (but usable with just about any classic / OSR ruleset with minimal work.)

Vault of the Faceless Giants isn't in it's final state, therefore it's considered a "beta" and is currently free. If you grab it when it's free, you'll get all the updates to the file, even the final ones. So, the "free" part is time limited. Grab it while you can ;)

Although designed for use with the Basic Psionics Handbook, it can be used without with minor modifications. Vault of the Faceless Giants is a solid, low level adventure.

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