Friday, November 20, 2015

The Wandering Wizard Lives! (Mike Nystul has a Good Sense of Humor)

Tonight I received my immensely huge and over stuff Death & Taxes Boxed Set (more on that later.) Inside the shipping box was the above.

Now, the wait for the Infinite Dungeon Kickstarter to complete might be infinite itself, but this is just damn cool. I tip my hat to Mike Nystul or to whoever forged this for him :)

Thank you +Zach Glazar . A better gnome would be hard to find. Even a lesser one ;)


  1. The whole Role Aids Demons line stands, to this day, pretty high in my estimation. I even went to the trouble of tracking (thanks Tim!) the bits I didn't already have.

  2. Dunno...I think "Death & Taxes" rates higher in any event. That shit is hardcore. Role Aids are less than second string.

  3. Good authority that Saturday Night Satan might have aided and abetted this, errr, "autograph"......


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